Stickers are multipurpose printing products. Generally they are used for a wide variety of purposes such as marketing, fund-raising, social, economics, religious, hilarious and entertaining purposes.

People just like stickers. There are a multitude of reasons. Some of us like to let our inner child out to play, and promotional stickers are the adult version of My Little Pony, Transformers or those always coveted gold star stickers. Some of us want to support causes or make a statement, while others want to let the world know what they’re into. Regardless of the reasons, the fact is that people really like stickers, and if your stickers are creative and attractive enough, and mesh with what your prospects and customers want, then they’ll be sticking them on anything and everything they own, especially since they have a high perceived value.

  • Mirrorkote – Economical stickers for regular use, non waterproof.
  • Mirrorkote with lamination – Laminated for partial waterproof (Splash only)
  • Synthetic – high water resistant material with matt surface
  • White Polypropylene (PP) – high water resistant material with gloss surface.
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Sticker labels are interesting and eye-catching and helps to shout your brand/business. They help identify your products and depending on the content, can provide visibility through marketing, promoting and retaining your customers. Sticker labels come in many forms and uses such as product packaging, label differentiation or even just generate brand recognition. Sticker labels are generally affordable and can range from economical options such as Mirrorkote, to slightly premium ones such as the waterproof types (Synthetic or Polypropylene). Choose one that best fits your needs and budget!

Q: I run a small Home-Based Business (HBB) and I would like to try out some sticker labels for the products that I am selling, which should I go for?
A: Depending on your brand (Logo/name), we recommend perhaps to keep it simple and go with the generic shapes like Square/Round/Rectangle first to test out the overall outlook first. Sticker type mirrorkote would be the best if you do not require it to be waterproof, if there may be contact with water slightly, you can consider going for the mirrorkote with lamination option which provides a slight water-resistant effect.

Q: I need a custom shape sticker, do you guys do that?
A: We try to cater to all our customer’s needs but there are just too many variations to shapes and sizes and try as we might, we are sometimes unable to fulfil what our customers want. Do hit us up and send your requests through to see how we can be of help.

Q: I would like to label my refrigerated bottles, is the mirrorkote sticker with lamination sufficient?
A:It depends on your acceptance level actually. We do have customers who are ok with it and some who are not. Mirrorkote is paper based so they are naturally weak against water. The additional lamination over it merely acts as an extra layer of protection but if the water is in contact with it for an extended period of time, water will still seep in and you may find your sticker label damp. It is definitely not suited to be submerged in water nor held under running water for extended period of time. But if you’re your product is single use only, why not?

We provide standard size selection for generic shapes Square & Round from 3cm up to 8cm, for all other sizes outside of this range, kindly check with our sales personnel for a custom quote.


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